Try Ihor’s innovative approach to Real Estate, from a 'tailor made" luxury summer villa in Greece to an investment opportunity in the Balkans


IHOR Real Estate, is a Real Estate Services and Development company that was founded in order to provide the best, most modern and most efficient approach in Real Estate Development Management projects.

We believe very much in the individual capability, in the understanding of our customers needs, in carefully and tested synergies and in lucid approaches to any real estate project.

Greece has always been a blessed country with regards to its land and spirit. This land we respect and we want to make everything to protect it. Therefore our company can develop only projects with respect to the natural beauty of this marvelous landscape. 

Like in most business fields we believe in INNOVATION. We emphasize in providing the best product to people who not only have healthy financial resources but also the taste and the culture  to build something that matches their needs but always in liaison with the environment.

Discuss with us your Real Estate investment capability. Our experience, our lucid, modern and technocratic approach to your request will provide you some of the best opportunities in the Balkan Real Estate market. We can examine also company buy outs, or company assets liquidification.

In the field of ‘Tailor made retail developments’ our company can discuss with the client and make a pre-cost analysis of an expansion program. Then based only on lucid data our company can deliver a certain number of developments alone or through subcontractors approved by the customer. This innovative approach may seem more costly but in reality it saves time and lots of fixed costs to any retailer

In the field of luxury summer villas our company meets in advance with the customer to first of all listen to what he has in his mind regarding his ideal summer relaxation oasis. Then we proceed in researching and evaluating and finally we propose a short list of locations all over Greece (at a first stage) for the development of his dream summer house.  Once the decision is made we can deliver in a pre-agreed deadline the villa 'built tailor made' (with its key in hand) to our customer's demands. Of course this is a specialized and impossible to provide on a large scale service, that’s why it addresses to people who have the patience, the resources and the culture to understand that they are not just buying a nice house but that they realize their dream!

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