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One-stop-shop for Hotel Investments in Greece

One-stop-shop for Hotel Investments in Greece

IHOR is your consulting partner for investments in the hospitality sector in Greece. We manage a carefully selected hotel and land portfolio that can provide to our investors safe hotel and land investment options with a remarkable ROI and most importantly, high added values. We emphasize in hotels that need refurbishment and their adjacent land in order to increase room capacity. Distressed hotels with good operational GOP but with heavy loan leverage are also included in our protfolio.

Upon contract with an investor who wishes to invest in the hospitality sector in Greece, we can provide a one stop shop services dossier: Land research, due dilligence wrt licensing, land use and land registry, contract screening, tax relief scenarios and investment feasibilities. Our focus is to provide an investment option with high added value to our investors.

Property Management

Property Management

Each property is different from the others and each owner thinks differently from the others. Our goal is to offer consulting solutions based on ‘profit optimization criteria’. Our expertise in managing a property portfolio is inspired and innovative. After a thorough assesment of the property we identify and offer our client (the property owner) with justifiable solutions that can be executed within a specific time schedule.

Analytically we provide:

  • Assesment of existing real estate portfolios
  • Market research related to the property under investigation
  • Legal and technical solutions
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Re-structuring of real estate portfolio
  • Leasing or selling of the excess property portfolio
Direct and Third-party Land Development

Direct and Third-party Land Development

  • Identification of the land development potential according to urbanistic, commercial and legal criteria
  • Eloquent land development marketing plan
  • Research and identification of the best financing schemes
  • Contractor and subcontractor selection through tenders
  • Project management
  • Project finalization and project delivery
Commercial Development Management

Commercial Development Management

Having over 16 years experience we can undertake the management of a commercial development executing the following process:

  • A full market report for the specific location regarding the commercial potential of the development
  • A feasibility for optimization of the uses
  • Marketing  and promotion of the project
  • Tenant mix analysis. Also we can research and find the best tenants for the development
  • Lease contracts
  • Commercial development regulation contract
  • Construction management to match the timeschedule
  • Financing schemes
Retail Roll Out  Development Programs

Retail Roll Out Development Programs

We provide turn key solutions for retailers' expansion with regards, to Research, Legal and Technical advising and premises hand-out. Briefly we provide reports such as:

  • Market size identification
  • Competition analysis
  • Targeting of expansion locations
  • Legal and technical inspection of the location to secure the transaction and the location
  • Project Management to meet time schedules


‘Tailor Made’  Luxury Summer Residencies

‘Tailor Made’ Luxury Summer Residencies

IHOR is very flexible and can deliver a luxury summer villa with the key in hands. The process includes:

  • Careful identification of our customers plans, budget and needs
  • Land research to match the location requirements all over Greece
  • Alternative plots for the construction of the villa
  • In depth land due diligence
  • On-site visits with the customer
  • Architectural and engineering supervision according to the customer's wish and with respect to the local environment
  • Construction and delivery of the end product (our customer’s dream summer villa) with key in hand
‘Build-to-suit’  Retail Shops

‘Build-to-suit’ Retail Shops

IHOR team is very well trained and experienced in identifying opportunities and the best locations. In cooperation with the retailer we can deliver shops according to his needs and specifications in specific time schedule. We are confident enough to pre-agree with the retailer the budget for each shop we deliver. And we can legally commit on a justifiable time schedule.

Market Research and Feasibility Analyses

Market Research and Feasibility Analyses

Our team of experts  with real hands on knowledge of the Greek and the Balkan Market can provide the following:

  • A detailed Market Report with all info needed to identify a development opportunity
  • A short list of alternative locations for the development
  • A feasibily report for each location
  • Presentation of the local environment with its future potential
Real Estate Investment Consulting and Company Acquisitions

Real Estate Investment Consulting & Company Acquisitions

Having worked with investment funds in the past mostly private equity, we know how to be fast, descrete and efficient. We provide to our investors upon contract:

  • A full Market report regarding the size of the Market, the potential and its future plans
  • Investment targeting (a property or a company)
  • An alternative investment scheme and an assessment for each alternative
  • A detailed urbanistic, technical and financial research and report of each investment opportunity
  • A detailed due dilligence of the property or a company and its assets 
  • Direct and indirect competition analysis 
  • A transaction schedule regarding negotiations and contract.
  • Investor's representation in negotiations (upon customer's request) to achieve the best deal
  • Financing alternatives
  • Finalization of the deal
Property Marketing  and Promotion

Property Marketing and Promotion

IHOR undertakes the Marketing and Promotion of your Properties. Analytically we provide:

  • A detailed and fully costed Marketing and Promotion Plan
  • Promotion of your Property through Internet, real estate exhibitions worldwide and through direct Marketing
  • Company Brochures creation and various promotion press
  • Agency Services and owner's representation
‘Turn Key Solutions’  for Industrial Developments

‘Turn Key Solutions’ for Industrial Developments

IHOR will research, identify buy the land and deliver an industrial development to the investor on a cost preagreed basis and on strict legally agreed criteria.

Land Evaluation for Alternative Energy Production

Land Evaluation for Alternative Energy Production

This new and promising field in Greece and the Balkans is our next target. Through our knowledge of the land market and our landbank, through our negotiation expertise, IHOR can undertake the task to find the best land for an alternative energy project (Solar Energy, Wind Energy production etc).

We can assist with our expertise in the legal and licencing of such projects.

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